[a longer, more in-depth bio]

Claire Gunville was born in Seattle, Washington in 1995. She later grew up in Central Oregon for many years, until high school, when her family started to move around a lot. (thanks USA recession!) She graduated from high school in Orange County, California where she was first introduced to printmaking processes like linocut and screenprint. After, she moved to San Francisco for a year to attend San Francisco State University. During those years, Claire's primary medium was photography. It was 2014, so she kept a flickr and tumblr to document everything. Photography is a form of printmaking, so the jump to more technical forms of making, like intaglio, made sense. Claire learned basic art skills from her dad growing up. He was an architect and oil painter, and liked to paint traditional landscapes as well as images of Americana. After his passing, Claire incorporated painting into her home studio practice. Tools have a history to them and an energy that must be kept alive. By using his painting tools, she is keeping his memory alive. However, Claire prefers to paint with gouache or watercolor. 

She now resides in Portland, Oregon, where she is grateful to still be making traditional fine art prints in her alma maters printmaking studio as an alumni volunteer. Her current body of work is funded in part by the Regional Arts and Culture Council's Make Learn Build Grant.